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"I am a middle school assistant principal before turning 30!  I give credit to Teach Kentucky for helping make that happen. The program has supported my professional growth by providing grant monies and a network of friends and professionals to guide me; the community focus has allowed me to seek advice and make connections; and the classroom experiences have given me an appreciation for the challenges my students face and heightened my commitment to enhancing public education." -  Austin Allain, Washington & Lee  (2004 Teach Kentucky Recruit)        
Exceptional Teachers Create Exceptional Students

"I had no idea that Teach Kentucky would lead me to my life's vocation!

Now education is my passion, because in no other career could I truly live
out my human ideals and political ideologies of democracy and social justice.
I cannot imagine a job more challenging, rewarding, heart-breaking, creative,
intellectually stimulating, or raw."
-Sarah Yost, Colgate, 2005 Teach Kentucky Recruit, National Board Certified (2013)



New Scholarship Available

Teach Kentucky, in cooperation with Jefferson County Public Schools, the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and the Sutherland Foundation has arranged a new level of scholarship support for non-certified educators in STEM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). Combinations of funding from these sources will comprise up to $15,000 toward the total tuition expense of $18,500 (80%) for a Master in the Art of Teaching degree (MAT). Participants will teach in both middle and high schools.

The merit scholarships are competitive and will be awarded to new Teach Kentucky participants in 2016. Candidates with majors in mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, biochemistry, earth science, economics, accounting, finance, and engineering are eligible and encouraged to apply.

Please use the link to apply now. For more information contact: Rowan Claypool - (502) 599-5061 or




Teach Kentucky recruits highly motivated, energetic individuals with high academic achievements to teach in Kentucky, primarily in Louisville and its surrounding counties. Typically, our recruits have not yet earned teacher certification. We attract individuals with strong content knowledge who are interested in pursuing an alternative route to certification while they teach full time and earn a full time salary.  We strive to develop our recruits into exceptional teachers through a tested and honed program formula. This formula includes:


  • The Teach Kentucky Summer Institute (SI).  The SI provides new recruits with the basics skills of being a teacher including classroom management, lesson planning, developing a teacher persona, and more.

  • Participation in an alternative certification Masters of Art in Teaching (MAT) degree. The MAT usually begins in June and is completed over a two year period.

  • A tight-knit community of active veteran teachers, retired teachers, community mentors, and local business leaders.


Teach Kentucky has forged strategic partnerships with the University of Louisville's College of Education and Human Development, Bellarmine University's College of Education, nine area school districts, and local alumni of the respective universities to fully engage our recruits in the educational, social, and cultural fabric of our community.

We target graduates and seniors from Centre College, Duke University, Dartmouth, Princeton, Emory University, Harvard University, Middlebury College, Northwestern University, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, University of the South at Sewanee, the University of Virginia, Vanderbilt University, Smith, Washington and Lee University, and Yale University. We also seek recent graduates from non-member institutions-so all who have a passion for education are welcome and encouraged to apply.

The sponsors of Teach Kentucky have high expectations for the participants both in the quality of their contribution as teachers, and in their impact and contribution to the community as a whole. All Teach Kentucky participants are expected to be:

· Determined to be a role model for students to emulate

· Devoted to the education of all students

· Dedicated to developing their teaching skills

· Models of high content knowledge balanced with strong relational skills

· Ambassadors for the value of high quality education

· Ambassadors for the Teach Kentucky community

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Teach Kentucky Math and Science Challenge

Teach Kentucky encourages the best and most motivated prospective teachers in the nation to teach in Kentucky. To help, we’ve created the Teach Kentucky Challenge.

The Challenge is a competitive process to earn scholarships and additional benefits for those who meet a very high standard.


•    Completion of the preliminary online application

•    Score in the top quartile nationally on your Praxis Subject Assessment (formerly Praxis II exam)

•    Earn admission to a local certification/Master’s program.

•    Hired by one of our school districts to teach math or science

•    Maintain a B or higher GPA in your Masters courses


In addition to the benefits listed elsewhere on this site, the TKY Challenge participants receive:

•    A $3,000 TKY reimbursement for tuition

•    Additional matching $5,000 grant from Jefferson  County School District

•    Reimbursement for related Praxis Subject Assessment costs for those applying to Jefferson County

Like anything in life, the more prepared for teaching you are the better. We know that navigating the first year of teaching is challenging on many levels. To ensure that our new teachers are successful and are supported during their entry into the classroom, we've created components to our program that distinguish us from other teacher recruitment organizations. These include:

  • A six-week Summer Institute to help you prepare and refine teaching techniques before that first day in the classroom
  • Support through our Retired Teacher Advocate (RTA) mentor program
  • A Teach Kentucky peer subject matter mentor
  • University and school district mentors
  • A strong Teach Kentucky community focused on welcoming you and supporting you.

Frequently Asked Questions

teacher candidates

Can I apply to Teach Kentucky if I didn't graduate from one of the sponsoring institutions?

Yes! Although we receive support from alumni of our 15 sponsoring colleges and universities, Teach Kentucky accepts applications from anyone interested in teaching middle and high school. Unfortunately, we do not currently recruit for elementary schools.

Do I have to be an Education major to apply to the program?

No. We believe the high level of knowledge in a teacher's core content is what sets our teachers apart.

Who extends the hire offer, Teach Kentucky or the school district?

The individual school districts control the hiring of all teachers. Because of our successful track record with local school districts, applying through Teach Kentucky will distinguish your application from hundreds of others. When your application is submitted, it is automatically viewed by the hiring managers of the school districts for which you are applying.

Is your sole focus recruiting Math and Science teachers?

Although Math and Science teachers are most critically needed by the school districts at this time, we accept applications for every content area.



Teachopedia - A Gift for You!

Navigating through the first year of teaching can be fraught with trials and tribulations. Our veteran teachers have compiled a wealth of knowledge and practical ideas to help take some of the challenges out of that first year of teaching through Teachopedia. Lesson plans, classroom management techniques, and more, are just a click away.

Click here to find out more about Teachopedia and how it can help you.

Teach Kentucky Fact Card

Teach Kentucky Fact Card

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